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Hawaiian massage | gay massage Prague

Hawaiian massage will provide you perfect relaxation and relief. What is the difference between Hawaiian massage and other types of massages? Especially in technique of the massage, wwhich comes from the Hawaiian islands. It’s being done not only with fingers and palms, but also entire forearm. Hawaiian massage is being changed by the needs of the client. Especially depth and dynamics of the pressure put on the body part or even the length of the massage can be different from client to client. Hawaiian massage can be soft and relaxational, when the touches are smooth and relief. For clients, who need to release the tension and pain in their muscles, more of the deep touches and more pressure on muscles and ligaments are being used. The whole massage is stronger and more dynamic. Ligaments will warm up, revitalize and revive their flexibility. Hawaiian massage stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, removes pain and muscle tension. It helps during detoxication of organism and will take care of your tiredness. If you want to get perfect relaxation, feel comfortable and relaxed, Hawaiian massage is the right one for you.

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